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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Choices..Damned if we Choose....Damned if we dont (Funny and Interesting)

Damned if we choose one or the other. This, by the way reminds me of a wonderful TED talk by Dr. Barry Schwartz about the choices we make in life. This talk is titled "The Paradox of Choice" He finds that a wealth of can make us not happier but more dissatisfied, not free but paralyzed. Counter intuitive, but gripping talk.


Or if you prefer the good old youtube....

Edit: Bobby Pointed out that the youtube video isn't opening. I rechecked and it seems to be working for me. Here are a couple of  links that can help:
TED talk link
Direct Youtube link
Google Search

Do let me know if the video is still inaccessible.


  1. Really interesting video, thanks!

  2. For some reason youtube's aren't working for me

  3. @Bobby : I added a few more links. Hope these work.

  4. funny motivational poster there, great blog and a very interesting video. Ill check your updates out more often



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