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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some more Zerba jokes

Leopord Spots...
A leopard went to an optometrist because he thought he should have his eyes examined.
"Every time i look at my wife, I see spots before my eyes," he exclaimed.
"You've nothing to worry about," said the doctor. "All leapords have spots."
"Of course I know that,"said the leapord, looking even worried, " but my wife is a zebra."

Piano Problems
One day Santa was walking on the zebra crossing looking very worried, when somebody came and asked him "Why are you so worried?' then Santa answered, "Why doesn't this piano work?"

Oldest Animal
Teacher: Which is the oldest animal in the world?
Santa: ZEBRA.
Teacher: How?
Santa: Because it is Black and White.

Why do zebras like old movies?
Because they're in black and white!

Tha last one is a bit lame, so enjoy the picture instead.



  1. haha, i never realised zebras were so funny until you started posting these knee slappers! the pictures as usual are just hilarious.
    zebras ay? what a stipid animal!

  2. Im loving the picture dude well done



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